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Studies of laminated wood; AF setting test - Application to the manufacturing of stocks for fire arms

Studies of laminated wood; AF setting test - Application to the manufacturing of stocks for fire arms
Studies of laminated wood; AF setting test - Application to the manufacturing of stocks for fire arms

A. Sanchez Plaza

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A. Sanchez Plaza

About the authors 

Publication year: 1966

Language: Spanish with English and French abstracts

Subjects: Forestry, Technologies

Collection: IFIE Publications, Non-serial IFIE monographs

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The present paper has the object of drawing attention to the excellent results obtained with laminated structures and to their field of application which both from the construction and the decoration point of view can be considered as unlimitted. It essentially consists of two parts: the first part deals with the technical character typical of the design of each laminated structure and the gluing of sheets by using as heating element the high frequency for the setting of the glue with which the pieces are united. Several setting tests made with different kinds of wood and always with home-made glue or adhesive are explained and a brief economic study and general scheme of manufacturing lines for any type of laminated structures —straight or curved ones— are added. At the end of this first part a number of different photos show the field of application of this type of structures: industrial shops, interior and exterior decoration, furniture, ship structures..., etc. The second part constitutes a practical application of the first one and deals with the "Manufacturing of stocks for fire arms". The walnut (Juglans regia L) is known to be the most suitable wood for this specific work; in accordance with special features of walnut several Spanish wood classes are chosen which are able to meet determined work coefficients. They are used for making laminated blocks for the manufacturing of gun-stocks. A complete and thorough study of the stocking of the C.E.T.M.E. military rifle used in the Spanish army and at present employed by NATO forces is made and several laminated compositions for the stock of the said rifle are exposed. Several photos show laminated stocks and stockings which quite apart from their beautiful appearance doubtlessly have a very great strength.

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Physical Description : 97 p; 17x24; il.

Publication: Madrid : Instituto Forestal de Investigaciones y Experiencias (IFIE)., 1966

Reference INIA: IFIE OP-047

Other data of interest: - INIA. Servicio de Publicaciones. Ctra Coruña km 7,5. 28040 MADRID. Contact: distri@inia.es. Tel: (34) 91-3471493.

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