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Geoponica or Cassianus Bassu´s agricultural extracts

Geoponica or Cassianus Bassu´s agricultural extracts
Geoponica or Cassianus Bassu´s agricultural extracts

M.J. Meana (edicion)

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Biography: Not available

J.I. Cubero (edicion)

Affiliation: Not available

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P. Sáez (edicion)

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Edition: M.J. Meana; J.I. Cubero; P. Sáez

About the authors 

Publication year: 1998

Language: Spanish

Subjects: Agricultural

Collection: INIA Monographs

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This work is the translation from Latin into Spanish, with comments included, of Cassianus Bassu´s work. Cassianus Bassu wrote Eclogae in the 6th century. Basically it is the collection in a single treatise of what several authors said about agriculture, plant care, seed and other useful things, and the Geoponica is one of them. His work was written as a compendium, based primarily on the Collection of agricultural practices by Vindanio Anatolio of Beirut and the Georgics by Didimo. This encyclopedic collection comprises twenty books and 621 chapters. It is a heterogeneous and entertaining work with plenty of peculiarities that had only been translated into a language as strange as Syriac. This work is basic to a better understanding of the history of early Greek and Roman cuisine. It is possible that many concepts accepted as correct by historians and students of cooking appear in a different light after reading this book, as it exposes in detail the development of many products, not only agrarian production but also about classic cuisine (for example, the formula to make “garum”, which was thought to be lost forever). Some of the topics covered in the book are weather forecasting and harvest soothsaying; traditional extensive agriculture (cereals, legumes, etc.); the vine, wine and derivatives; orchard and garden; fruit trees; flowers and ornamental trees; how to get rid of pests or harmful animals, the breeding and care of livestock; use of wild animals; poultry; natural feelings and antipathies among animals, plants and minerals; bees; horse breeding and healing; dogs and hunting animals; salting; or fishing.

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Physical Description : 635p.; 17x24.

ISBN: 8474984629

ISSN: 0210-3354

Publication: Madrid : Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA), 1998

Reference INIA: NS100

Other data of interest: NIPO: 252-98-003-4

- INIA. Servicio de Publicaciones. Ctra Coruña km 7,5. 28040 MADRID. Contact: distri@inia.es. Tel: (34) 91-3471493.

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