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Nº.08. A germ plasm collection of crucifers 1978 List

Nº.08. A germ plasm collection of crucifers 1978 List
Nº.08. A germ plasm collection of crucifers 1978 List

C. Gómez Campo

Affiliation: Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias (INIA). Ministerio de Agricultura.

Biography: Prof. Plant Physiology de la Esc.T.S. Ing. Agrónomos


C. Gómez Campo

About the authors 

Publication year: 1978

Language: Spanish

Subjects: Agricultural

Collection: INIA Catalogs

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The need to establish seed banks of selected groups of species so as to ensure that suitable material is available for future research and exploitation is now becoming widely recognised. This catalogue represents a major achievement to this end since the family Brassicaceae contains so many economically useful and botanically interesting species. The majority of the seed samples have been specially collected in the wild as the result of the initiative and hard work of Professor Gomez-Campo and his collaborators and it is to be hoped that this programme will serve as an inspiration for other botanists and encourage them to build up similar collections.The future utilization of our natural resources for the benefit of rnankind will rely heavily on the creation and maintenance of such seed banks.

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Physical Description : 40 pp. 21 x 13,5 cm; il.

ISBN: 84-500-2841-8

Publication: Madrid : National Institute of Agrarian Research (INIA), 1978

Reference INIA: CAT-INIA-08

Other data of interest: NIA. Publications Service. Ctra Coruña km 7.5. 28040 MADRID. Contact: distri@inia.es. Tel: (34) 91-3471493.

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