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The CRF-INIA collection of Lathyrus

The CRF-INIA collection of Lathyrus
The CRF-INIA collection of Lathyrus

L. de la Rosa

Affiliation: CRF - INIA

Biography: Not available

I. Martín

Affiliation: CRF - INIA

Biography: Not available

F. Varela

Affiliation: CRF - INIA

Biography: Not available


L. de la Rosa; I. Martín; F. Varela

About the authors 

Publication year: 2000

Language: Spanish

Subjects: Agricultural

Collection: INIA Monographs: Agriculture


The genus Lathyrus includes approximately 160 species distributed throughout the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. In Spain are mentioned 30 species, 14 of them included in the CRF-INIA collection. In this work CRF Lathyrus collection is presented. This collection is made up of 179 chikling vetch (L. cicera L.), 103 grasspea (L. sativus L.) accessions and 38 samples of different wilt species. The accessions are identified by means of 12 passport descriptors (identification number, country, province, location, logitude, latitude and altitude of collecting site, year of collection, type of material, associated gene bank and number on this genebank). This work includes the morpho-agronomical characterization data for cultivated species. The characterization has been carried out by means of 21 descriptions (related to phenology, plant, flower, pod and seed) for L. cicera L. and 18 descriptors belonging to the same categories of L. sativus L.

More information

Physical Description : 67p.; 17x24; il.

ISBN: 9788474984781

ISSN: 1575-6092

Publication: Madrid : Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA), 2000

Reference INIA: A006

Other data of interest: NIPO: 404-00-004-1

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