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Conferences 1962-63

Conferences 1962-63
Conferences 1962-63


Affiliation: Not available

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About the authors 

Publication year: 1964

Language: Spanish

Subjects: Environment, Animal, Agricultural, Plant genetics

Collection: , Conferences National Institute of Agronomic Research

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-Market of agricultural products. Eduardo Prieto Heraud. (Agricultural engineer).
-Massive artificial rearing of “Ceratitis Capitata wied” by the Delanoue method. Male sterilization project. Manuel Arroyo Varela. (Agricultural engineer).
-Notes on agronomic research in the US. José Ruiz Santaella. (Agricultural engineer).
-Cytogenetic techniques at the Plant Breeding Institute, Cambridge. Enrique Sanchez-Monge Parellada. (Agricultural engineer).
-Studies on Jewish virus disease. Amelia Alonso Martín de Eugenio. (Agricultural Expert).
-The soils in the USA. Isidro García del Barrio. (Agricultural engineer).
-Antibiosis and preference as a mechanism of resistance to corn borer. Alfonso Monteagudo Paz. (Agricultural engineer).
-Genetics of tomato. Eugenio Machado Von Tschusi. (Agricultural engineer).

More information

Physical Description : 183 pp. 22x16; il.

Publication: Madrid : National Institute for Agronomic Research (INIA)., 1964

Reference INIA: CINIA-007

Other data of interest: Copyright status: copyrighted Copyright notice: © INIA All rights reserved by the legislation on Intellectual Property. Neither all nor part of this book, including the cover design, may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any way by electronic, chemical, optical, computer, recording or photocopying means, without prior written permission from the editorial.

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